3 Tips For Saving Money on Your Wedding

Your wedding day is one the greatest days of your life. You will take the whole day to celebrate your undying love and devotion to one person with the people in your life you are closest to. Smiles will decorate faces, tears will fall in happiness and loss (parents), and normally, a lot of money will be spent. That last one can actually put quite a damper on the highlights of the day. Below are a few ways you can save money on your special day so that you can make great memories without stressing over the financial fallout.


If you have ever lived an adult life on your own, you know that money may not make the world go round, but having it sure makes things easier. In your life, there will be many times you are required to make large purchases such as a car, a house, and even your wedding. If you don’t have the ability to budget your money in your normal everyday living, budgeting for your wedding is going to be a difficult task.

By the way, lacking the talent to budget your money could spell disaster in a marriage. Educate yourself. That said, make sure to invest the time needed to sit down with your significant other and any family or friends involved with creating your perfect day and decide how much you are willing to spend. Then, write down the things you know you need and want to be in the wedding.

Research each thing and come up with a general price for each. Total everything up. Here comes the hard part. More than likely, you will go over budget. You and your spouse to be will now have to cut the budget. After all is said and done, do your best to stay within the budget and money will not be one of the concerns on the day of or after your wedding.  

Buy Second Hand

Your wedding day, hopefully, only comes once in a lifetime. You want it to be special and as close to perfect as you can make it. The dress, the tux, the decorations, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen’s tuxedos, and the venue should all celebrate everything that is you and your wife or husband to be.

That being said, everyone is different. You may not care for the traditional dress or decorations from the most expensive place in town. Shopping second hand can save you a bundle. Take a tour through the thrift stores.

Check out the buy, sale, and trade sites of social media. Put an  ISO add in the local paper. You may find that shopping for previously used items not only saves you money but gives your wedding an intense feeling of beautiful old-fashioned character and charm.

Be Creative

There is much to be said about the creativity invested into a wedding. As mentioned earlier, your wedding should reflect all that is you and your soon-to-spouse. Are you a couple that loves the outdoors? Maybe you are beach dwellers. Instead of a traditional dress, why not have everyone dress in matching swimsuits, with the exception of the bride and groom.

The bride could don a grass skirt to simulate a dress. Swimwear is usually hundreds less than a traditional bridal gown. Maybe you are both sci-fi lovers. Instead of expensive boutineers, why not purchase Star Trek insignia for the groom and groomsmen. Most of the time, you can find well-designed plastic ones that are, on average cheaper than roses.

The point, here, is to use your creativity to save you cash. Your wedding doesn’t have to be the expensive royal function most envision. Make it what you want and save your money and sanity doing it.

Your wedding day is special and should receive the utmost attention, but there is no need to enter into your new life with an empty wallet.