4 Jobs That Mix Hands-On Knowledge and Creativity

Sometimes when people get bored of one career, it’s because they need to try some opposite tendency that may be part of their personality. For example, after years of working in an office job, maybe you want to jump into a career that is more hands-on. You have lots of choices to pick from!

Think of a few quick examples, and then you can go from there in your own job hunt. If you get a job as a maintenance technician, there’s a lot of work with your hands. Fine carpentry is also a good example. If you enjoy the outdoors, you can get into landscape design and work with your physical surroundings. And then, there’s always massage therapy to consider, which is the ultimate hands-on job.

Maintenance Technician

An excellent job to get into if you like general work with your hands is to be a maintenance technician. You can go through a relatively easy training program and be immediately qualified to do lots of easy, intermediate, and sometimes even advanced jobs. Maintenance technicians make good money, and they also get to do a lot of different things, which keeps the situation from getting boring.

Fine Carpentry

For more detailed work with your hands, consider that maybe you want to learn how to be a fine carpenter. After a rough carpenter comes through and does large-scale work like building the frames of houses or treating a deck, the fine carpenter comes in and handles all of the detail work. There is lots of sanding, shining, buffing, and the utilization of small and precise woodworking tools, and ultimately you end up with a high-quality project that’s often very customized to the client’s intent.

Landscape Designer

Some people not only want to work with her hands, but they also want to work outdoors. A perfect job fitting this description would be training to be an ornamental horticulturalist or a landscape designer. Depending on the types of jobs that you want to get, there are big landscaping projects, and then there are very small ones that act more like a decoration rather than structural developments. Many people find landscape design very gratifying because they see the difference between when they started and when they finished.

Massage Therapy

One category of a profession that people might skip when they’re thinking about hands-on work is massage therapy or physical therapy. In these cases, your job is literally to put your hands on other people. It does take a fair amount of training to become a massage therapist or physical therapist, but it is a very rewarding profession for those people who enjoy healing others and also satisfies people who want more hands-on involvement with the career that they choose.