5 Big Purchases To Save Money On

If you’re trying to save money, there are a few different avenues that you can take. First of all, you can do the little things like save on small purchases by not making as many of them. Or, you can take another route, and to try and save as much as possible on a few big purchases.

A few of these big purchases in particular that you can focus on include when you purchase your home, your car, your early college education, your less expensive wedding rings, and you can also pay much closer attention to the price tag on all of your wardrobe items.

Your Home

Let’s start with the idea of your home. Did you know, that you can save a ton of money by purchasing a mobile home instead of trying to get a more classic idea of a residential structure? Especially if you’re just starting out far as homeownership, renting or buying a mobile home can easily save you tens of thousands of dollars, and is a good stepping stone into more responsible living as well.

Your Car

A lot of theories out there that suggest that one great way to save a lot of money is by buying the cheapest car that you can. If you think about how much a higher end car costs, and then realize that it gets you to where you’re going the same as something that is many thousands of dollars less expensive, then you start ending up why this theory makes so much sense economically. In addition, with the less expensive car, you don’t have to worry about how much it will cost if there’s any sort of cosmetic damage or accident that occurs as well.


There is absolutely no denying that going to college is expensive. What that means to you, is that you can save a ton of money by going somewhere that is cheaper, especially if it’s just your general studies for the first few years. As long as your initial credits transfer, this makes a ton of financial sense.

Wedding Rings

If you’re planning on getting married, then you know that a big budget item tends to be wedding rings. However, if you talk to your potential spouse and decide that you would rather spend that money on something else, like your honeymoon or even a home, and you can get much more simple rings – that will suffice just as well.

Your Wardrobe

Finally, it’s surprising how much money people are willing to spend on their wardrobe in bits and pieces. You can easily blow $200 every time you go shopping for clothes, and over the course of the year, that can reach into the thousands. Even by taking a few trips to a local thrift store, you can drastically reduce the overall expenditure on this major purchase of yours.