5 Marketing Methods To Help Your Financial Bottom Line

Ultimately, good marketing means more money for your bottom line. And sometimes you’ll get caught in the cycle of ‘it takes money to make money’, and that’s all well and good. But the methods that you use to do this marketing are quite varied in their presentation, and they’re quite varied in their return on investment.

So for a moment, let’s explore five of the possibilities, including working with drip marketing, social media marketing, organic marketing, sponsorships, and face-to-face marketing. Depending on industry and experience, each will have its own set of pros and cons.

Drip Marketing

Using drip marketing is a relatively new phenomenon in the marketing world, but it has shown a ton of potential under certain circumstances. The idea of drip marketing, or drip campaigning, is that you, as a promoter, have a series of automated processes set up to give every potential lead that you have exactly what they need, exactly when they need it. There may be quite a bit of initial time spent in determining what these needs are initially, but once they’re set, they run in the background with extreme efficiency.

Social Media Marketing

If you’ve been any part of the marketing scene for the past five years or so, then you’re aware of the explosion of social media marketing for businesses. The line between business, brand, and personality is almost null these days, and the smart and savvy marketer is using that to their advantage on a daily, if not hourly basis. The better you interact as a company on social circles, the more free advertising you’re going to get a return on.

Organic Marketing

Again circling back to the idea of making money as a promoter, while avoiding the pitfalls associated with promotion, looking into organic marketing might be a viable option for you as well. A classic example of this would be a character in a movie or TV show drinking a certain brand of soda. The advertising aspect of it is hidden (and thus ‘organic’) but the message is super clear.


You can always spread your marketing and promotional wings to look for sponsorships from companies as well. Instead of low-level marketing in order to get resources and visibility, having a set of sponsors with a captive audience already in place can lead to a jump in sales quite quickly.

Face-To-Face Marketing

And finally, even in the digital age, it’s important not to forget that face-to-face marketing has its own aura of success as well. All other things being equal, many people will eventually default on products and services where they’ve had some sort of personalized interaction in the past. If you’re the face that they remember, you’re the one who’ll get the money.