The Best Times To Get Home Repairs to Save Money

There may come a time where you need something repaired or replaced on your home immediately. For example, if something breaks and leaves your home vulnerable to the elements or unwanted guests, you’re going to want to get that taken care of quickly. However, if your home has been in need of some routine maintenance and repairs, it can save you a lot of money to plan ahead and schedule these events in the off-season. So to help all you homeowners out there keep a little extra money in your pockets, here are the best times of the year to schedule roof repairs, exterior painting, and window replacement.


Roof Repair

Your roof may need to be repaired or replaced for any number of reasons. It could be that you’re losing shingles, noticing some waning integrity, or your roof has just reached the age where it needs replacing. When this happens, Jon Montes, a contributor to, shares that the time of year that you will get the best prices for repair and replacement of your roof is winter and early spring. After April 1st, many roofers will raise their prices because they are getting into their peak season. So if you can hold off for a while, planning to get roof work done in the off-season will help financially.

Exterior Painting

Unless you’re planning to quickly sell your home and need to boost its curb appeal in a manner of days, getting the exterior of your home painted usually isn’t something that requires emergency help. Because of this, you can generally plan to have the exterior of your home painted in the off-season to save money. shares that the off-season for painting homes is in the early spring or late fall. By scheduling to have your home painted during these weeks, you will have more flexibility with your contractor’s schedule as well as find that the prices are less expensive.

Window Replacement

Your home’s windows can break relatively easily compared to other areas of your home’s exterior. As a result, window replacement isn’t always something that can be planned and prepared for during the off-seasons. However, when this is possible for reasons of upgrading all your windows, recommends setting an appointment to get replacements done in the fall or winter. Spring and summer typically are the peak seasons for replacing windows, making the cooler months also the cheaper months to get your windows replaced. Just be sure the weather looks like it will cooperate around the time you plan to have this work done to avoid having to pay extra for any damage done due to foul weather.

If at all possible, plan to get your home’s routine maintenance done during the off-season to save yourself money and have an easier time fitting these repairs into your schedule. Use the timing mentioned above to help you find the best months to complete projects around your home.