Creative Tips For Saving Money

It’s not always easy to save money, especially for those people that live paycheck to paycheck. It never seems like there is enough left to put anything away. It’s also difficult for those people that suffer from things like shopping addictions. When you do have money leftover you can think of hundreds of ways to spend it, making it difficult to put any away for savings.


However, you can help convince yourself to save if you set a savings goal. Maybe the goal will be a monetary amount you want to save by a certain date, or maybe it’s a specific amount needed to purchase a specific item, like a new home or a new vehicle. Having a goal gives you something to work toward, which will help push you to put away what you can when you can.

Put Away Everything From Part Time Work

If you do any part time or side work, put all of the money from that away toward your savings. In essence, it’s extra money, since it’s likely your normal full-time or even part-time job that pays your bill. If you don’t have a side job or hobby that pays, consider getting one.

There are many ways to make extra money that feel less like work and aren’t usually considered to be a traditional job. If you have an eye for bargains, and things that are collectibles or antiques, you could make a good amount of money buying items from resale shops and rummage sales and reselling them online through eBay or even having a booth in a local antique mall.

Spend Less

Another creative way to start saving is to start spending less. OK, it doesn’t really sound all that creative, but it all depends on how you’re saving your money. Spend less by recycling more, so you spend less on trash and on some other items. Like storage containers; reuse the ones that come with your deli meats instead of tossing them.

Instead of tossing clothing with holes in, get crafty with sewing or putting patches. When it comes to stains, learn the creative trips to help you remove stains, which is far cheaper than replacing clothing. Then, put away what you would have spent on that new shirt.

Put Away A Certain Amount Each Week

You could also simply get creative with how and what you are putting into savings on a weekly or monthly basis. Maybe just put away all the loose change you get, and any singles you manage to get your hands on.

Or, you could do some quick online research for some of the savings plans that have gone viral from time to time on social media. These have you put away an increasing amount each week, which helps you save a good deal of money by the end of the year.