Designing a Shower to Help You Sell

Overall thoughtful design of the shower can make the greatest impact on the potential buyer.  The consideration of all the following factors can take this from being a place to look for defects, to being a relaxing, spa-like getaway.  The goal is to have your buyer imagine this as a place of respite and renewal.  The more they imagine themselves in the environment you have created, the more likely they are to purchase the property you are selling.


Glass Enclosures and Doors

Glass enclosures and doors create a sense of space in the environment.  Glass walls can modernize or be neutral to your design.  They open up corner showers and can be used in three or four sided options.

Tile or Stone

Using tile or stone in the shower brings brings visual and tactile wow.  With stone you create texture and a sense of nature brought indoors.  WIth tile you add color and variety, as sense of classical design, or even a feeling of bright cleanliness.  River rock floors, clear glass tile, bright whites or warm natural colors, tile and stone give you so many design directions.  Tile and stone bring complications in maintenance that glass doesn’t bring.  

How the buyer cleans and maintains the surfaces has to be a consideration in designs using tile or stone.  You will lose their interest if they are overwhelmed by the prospect of taking care of the environment.


From atmosphere to utility, lighting is an essential part of creating the wow factor.  Lighting can create drama through color and location.  Using LED strips and fixtures has transformed how to integrate lighting in showers.  The strips can be located anywhere and by using RGB LEDs any color can be added to change the mood.  Dimmers can take the lighting from soft and warm to bright and useful.  


Custom fixtures have reached the “whatever you could imagine” stage.  Fixtures add the function in stunning variety.  If you want it to rain from the ceiling or to tumble on you from a waterfall-like stone ledge, there is an option for you to control that seamlessly.  Modern or classic, visible or completely hidden, your imagination is the only limiting factor.


Here is where the wow really meets the buyer on a new dimension.  Where the shower used to be from a single dimension, overhead, in front of you.  Moderns showers meet you from multiple dimensions.  Overhead, from the side in 360 degrees, even from below.  The water jets, rains or mists on the user.  Heads and fixtures can be exposed or a part of the enclosure.  


Adding a steam element to your shower takes the environment to another level.  With steam, you move from the utilitarian to the luxurious.  From shower to sauna at the touch of a button.  No more waiting around, just instant 118 degree, eucalyptus scented steam filling your senses and clearing your head.  Add a bench to your shower and let your buyer envision themselves snuggling in on that cold rainy weekend morning morning, and you will have their attention.  

With careful consideration and thought you can design a shower that will wow your buyer and have a direct impact on their purchase of their new home.