Expensive Items That Let You Charge Lots of Money For Services

If you decided that you’re going to try to make money as a contractor, then you’re quickly going to find out that a lot of people are going to tell you that you have to spend money to make money. Though this is not necessarily always true, there are definitely many cases where purchasing something expensive will allow you to charge more money for the services that you provide.

Five specific examples of this would include items like pedicure chairs, massage tables, fast computer systems, carpentry tools, and musical equipment. All of these involve a fairly significant investment, but the services that you can provide because you have these expensive items will allow you to make more money more quickly.

Pedicure Chairs

When you buy a pedicure chair, that means that you want your clients to feel like they are having an incredibly luxurious experience as you work on their toes. These chairs can be in the many thousands of dollars, but when you think that if you can charge hundred dollars for a pedicure, after even a few dozen clients, you’re starting to chip away at that cost, and you are competitively a better value than other companies that have not made this investment.

Massage Tables

Another expensive item within the realm of services that you can provide to people includes massage tables. If you choose to invest in a massage table that is top-of-the-line, that communicates to your potential clients that you are serious about what you do. If, in addition to this amazing massage table, you also have excellent talent and a great verbal and nonverbal communication style, you should have no problem making your money back quickly.

Fast Computer Systems

A more general item that many people can utilize to start charging more for the services that they provide is if they buy a fast computer system. Top-of-the-line computer systems can easily cost in the thousands of dollars, and then the software and hardware to go along with it to do certain things can really make that price quote quickly as well. However, once you have these sunk costs in place, you can potentially charge a lot of money for services that don’t necessarily take you a long time to do, or require you to purchase much else to handle them.

Carpentry Tools

Have you ever tried to do any carpentry work on your own? You’ll very quickly find out that there are a lot of specialized tools that you need. But, if you think of this from a producer standpoint, if you choose to buy a bunch of high quality carpentry tools, then you can charge a lot for the services that you provide, because then other people won’t have to buy their own.

Musical Equipment

A final category to consider buying some expensive things in order to charge more is in the music industry. If you have expensive mixing boards, microphones, instruments, or anything else in that realm, you can potentially either charge a lot for you to use them in client projects, or charge a lot to your clients for using them in their own projects.