Forging a Career in Competitive gaming

The rise and evolution of the internet has provided people from around the world with many new opportunities when it comes to entertainment, hobbies and even making money. One area that has seen a surge in popularity as a result of high speed internet access is that of e-sports and competitive gaming, with many people enjoying the entertainment and excitement that these can provide.


In fact, e-sports and competitive gaming have become such big business that there are people who now make money and forge a career based on their interest and skill in these areas. This is something that many would describe as living the dream – being able to make good money from something you enjoy doing as a hobby.

Making money from betting on competitive gaming

One of the ways in which people are able to make impressive amounts of money from their interest in competitive gaming is through betting. For instance, Betway now takes bets on CSGO, making it ideal for those that want to dabble in CSGO betting through a reputable site. In fact, Betway was one of the first bookmakers in the UK to make a serious move into the e-Sports betting market and today offers in-play betting amongst other things.

Another way in which you can make money is through tournaments and by getting plenty of practice in. Highly skilled players can walk away with a share of a huge prize pot when taking part in this type of gaming, and the better you are at it the better your chances of winning big. For instance, the DOTA 2 gaming championship sees some of the best players in the world come together to play for a share of a multimillion dollar jackpot. Many of those taking part in competitive gaming tournaments are very young, as gaming has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment amongst youngsters.

Of course, if you do want to develop a career in competitive gaming you do need to make sure you put the hours in when it comes to developing your skill. No matter how good you think you are and how much you enjoy this type of entertainment, you need to exercise stamina and determination to get to the top but once you reach the dizzy heights of competitive gaming success you will find that it was well worth putting all of that effort in.