How effective field marketing can bring you closer to consumers

There’s no shortage of promotional techniques available to companies now, but if you’re looking for a simple yet effective way to get closer to your target audience, it’s hard to beat field marketing. Here, we take a look at why this form of sales offers such an effective way to connect with consumers.

It’s a two-way process

One of the main things that sets field marketing apart from many other forms of promotion is the fact that it’s a two-way process. As well as providing you with a chance to market your products or services, it gives you an opportunity to collect detailed feedback from consumers. Commenting on this issue in a blog post, face-to-face marketing specialists Appco Group point out that getting into the mindsets of potential customers is considered to be the Holy Grail for many businesses. It enables companies to get a clearer understanding of people’s purchasing preferences and their practical needs. Businesses can also use the feedback they get to improve their branding and fine-tune their marketing strategies. Ultimately, this can all help to drive sales and help to secure companies’ long-term success.

Appco highlights the fact that in effect, this means field marketing can double up as a form of market research, giving companies a chance to gather important qualitative data. In turn, this can bring businesses and their target markets much closer.

It’s an effective way to build trust and loyalty

Face-to-face sales can also be a highly effective way to build trust and loyalty. People tend to make stronger connections with companies and brands if they have the chance to engage with their representatives in person. These exchanges give consumers the chance to ask questions and generally get to know much more about businesses.

Appco’s marketing strategy includes something the company has dubbed the Human CommercialTM. This refers to an approach that goes far beyond simply ‘selling’ to people. The self-employed brand ambassadors in its network focus on providing an interactive, personalised and above all enjoyable experience when they engage with potential customers. They respect the consumers they speak to, provide them with tailored information and answer any questions in detail. This helps to build a rapport between consumers and companies and it can create lasting relationships between them.

Of course, for this sort of approach to work, the brand ambassadors who represent businesses must have an in-depth knowledge of the products or services they are selling.