How to Create Presentation For Your Business Project

Slideshow offers a great way for you to quickly go through the message that you want to convey to the audience in the business meeting. The slideshow can be played over and over again when it is uploaded online. The audience will be able to watch the business slideshow in their free time. You have surely seen fantastic slideshow and wonder how you can create one that is as good as the slideshow you saw. A simple slideshow maker software like Movavi Slideshow Maker for Mac is all you need for creating the slideshow for the business meeting.


Movavi slideshow for Mac software can save your slideshow in movie format instead of ppt. By creating a slideshow movie, your audience will be able to watch it on a media player. If it is a ppt file, it will need a ppt viewer to watch it. It is troublesome for your viewers to have to go and download a ppt viewer to watch your slideshow. This is why you should create slideshow movie instead of ppt slideshow.

When you launch the software, you will see a timeline below. The timeline is the space where the photos will appear when open them with the Add Media Files button. There is no need to add the photo in sequence when you use the Add Media Files button to load them. You can change the sequence of the photos by dragging them around. The best photo to use in a slideshow is a photo that is plain and not complicated. This allows the audience to pay attention to the text instead of getting distracted by the background photo.

You can use the text feature to summarize your message in a few words on the photo slide. There are lots of title styles to suit the theme of your slideshow. You can experiment with a few transition effects and see enhance your slideshow. To make the slideshow nicer to watch, you can add background music. You can use any background music as long as you have the permission to use it for your slideshow. You can also create your own soundtrack to use as the background music. The first row in the timeline is the row where all the soundtracks you add will show up.

Adding the soundtrack is easy and you just have to click the Add Media Files to select the soundtrack you have decided to use in the slideshow. The soundtrack files you add will queue up one after another in the audio row of the timeline. You can reposition the soundtrack to determine which soundtrack will play first in the slideshow by simply dragging the soundtrack file.

You can use the scissor tool to get rid of any part of the soundtrack that you don’t want. To trim an auto track, you must first click the scissor button which is the trimming tool and drag the red marker over the part of the audio track that you want to discard. You must hit the Delete key when you have selected the part of the audio track file that you want to discard.