How To Save Money On Five Things You Need

There are certain things that you need as a human being. Maybe they aren’t things you need in order to live, but they are things that help you get through each day. You don’t have to have fancy clothing, but you need clothes. You don’t need a mansion, but you need a roof over your head.


Transportation gets you from one place to another. It gets you to work each day (unless you work from home). It gets you to the store to buy the things you need, whether it’s clothing or food. Using public transportation is a great way to save money getting where you need to go.

You don’t have to own your own vehicle unless you live somewhere without convenient public transportation. Vehicle ownership isn’t cheap, so shop around for a good deal (even someone with bad credit can get a decent loan). Find something good on gas mileage as well, if you want to save on gas prices.


Housing is not cheap, but for most people owning is cheaper than renting. Not everyone can own a home, though, or not easily anyway. If you have bad credit you’ll need to fix it before you’ll be able to get a mortgage loan.

If you want to save money renting, you can save money by getting a roommate. You can also look for a room for rent in a home where you can get all the amenities of your own place, with your own room, but for far cheaper.


Saving money on food is even more important for people with a family to feed or a limited income. While you can find discount food stores, not all of them cater to special diets or have foods made in America. You may want to shop a big box store that sells food and grocery items.

Another way to save, at least on produce, is to shop at the farmer’s market. Many places have these running year round now. It’s a great place to get in-season fruits and vegetables, and more, at cheaper than the grocery store prices.


New clothes aren’t cheap, and if you do buy cheap ones from certain stores you may find that they fall apart in the first washing. One way to save some money on clothing, and maybe get some really well-made items, is to go thrifting. You can often find brand new clothing that still has the original store tags on it for really cheap at thrift and resale shops.

Daily Needs

There are plenty of things you’ll need on a daily basis. Toilet paper is a must. There are some things you might be buying that you don’t need, like plastic silverware or paper plates. It’s easy enough to clean the real thing, you’ll save money, and you’ll help save the earth. Some of these types of things can be found for super cheap at dollar stores.