How To Save Money On Marketing

Businesses need to market and advertise if they want people to know they exist. There are so many ways to do that these days. In the past, it was all about buying ads in the local paper and getting your name spread via word of mouth. Those options still exist, but with the internet, you can reach far more people in more places.

Don’t just base advertising and marketing on what you believe is available to your business. Take some time to figure out who is in your demographic and pinpoint the areas where you’ll be more likely to reach these specific people.

Consider Your Business Type

You definitely want to consider what type of business you’re running when it comes to marketing that business. If you have a non-profit business there may be some perks out there available to you when it comes to marketing and more. In fact, if you’re in need of help paying for anything you should find out if there are any grants available in your sectors.

The type of business you have may also help you determine what online and offline marketing platforms will work best for you. If your business is about protecting people’s identities, you may not want to have an open social media presence. However, if your business is about getting people together, there is no better place for you than social media.

Use Social Media

Social media is a great outlet for many types of businesses. It gives you a place to reach people from all walks of life. You can target certain people, like moms or teens, or you can work to reach everyone.

Social media works well with your website, with your regularly updated blog, and with bargains, you have going on. They have all sorts of apps for businesses to use on their business pages, and you can get your account and do all this stuff for free. If you want to invest a little more, they also have paid marketing options.

Start Blogging

Find a cheap place to set up a blog, like through WordPress or Blogger. If you already have a dot com you can attach your blog right to it. If you don’t you can get a dot com for under $50 (rates vary depending on who you go through to get it).

Do the blogging yourself if you want to save money, but make sure you’re a good writer and editor. You also want to make sure you have the time to post regularly. Otherwise, hiring a blogger to do the work for you may be the best investment.

Go Local

Don’t forget to advertise locally. That means more than just using local SEO online. You can also go old school with your advertising.

Get business cards to hand out to people. Consider putting an ad in the local newspaper. You might even want to get an ad on the radio (take some time to find out the best rates for what works best with your company size and budget).