Include These Five Components In Your Business Website Design

When you begin planning your business website design, it helps to have a basic concept of what should be included in that design.  Over time, web designers have found a few key components in common across many successful websites.  

You have probably noticed that many business websites have a common set of tabs or sections included in their design.  The best way to get a basic grasp on successful web design tactics is to keep it simple.  Check out this quick overview of five components you should always include in your business website design, and start creating.  


Every website needs a “Home” tab or section for ease of navigation, if nothing else.  The “Home” tab makes it easy to get back to the beginning when users feel they want to get a second look at your homepage.  

You want your homepage to be enticing and clear in its visual message.  Users should almost instantly know what your website is all about by viewing your homepage.  Be prepared to grab viewer’s attention in five seconds or less.  


Your website’s blog is the ideal place to build quality content on your site.  Spread your wings in your business blog, and share exciting news and knowledge with your web viewers on a regular basis.  

Make the content of your blog industry specific to draw in the right type of readers.  Like this excellent example displays, your blog posts should relate to the theme of your site.  You want readers that will benefit from what you have to say, versus people who have no interest in your industry/business.  


Good communication skills are the foundation of success in the world of business.  You have to be able to communication with your consumers and employees, both with the same level of efficiency.  

Add a “Contact Us” tab or section to your business web design to ensure that your online consumers have a clear line of communication with your company.  Users should be free to share their thoughts, feelings, issues, and excitements with your organization.  Use their feedback to better your operations and raise customers satisfaction levels.  


Add in an “About Us” page to your business design to allow users a peek inside the workings of the business.  You can post short bios featuring key professionals in the business and customer testimonials that display the true genius of your operation.  

Users come to this page to learn about your business, so do not let them down.  Share whatever you deem useful to express the nature of your intentions as an organization.  

Products & Services

For obvious reasons, it is a good idea to include a section in your business web design to display your company’s products and services.  If you are building a business site, you are looking to stir up business.  That is a very difficult goal to reach without a display of what your business has to offer.