Interior Design Improvements that Will Make Your Home Look Luxurious Without Breaking the Bank

The smart money manager is always going to try to create home improvement projects that will make a house look luxurious, but not cost an arm and a leg. That’s where a little bit of creativity and know-how are going to be part of the planning and execution processes.


Five ways in particular you can make this happen can be to search out YouTube channels that contain artistic inspiration, learn to do custom framing in order to put your own work up, focus your interior lighting to highlight luxury details in your home, look for sales on art supplies and equipment in your area, and go to estate sales. Collectively, this will have your living room looking like a million bucks, without spending more than a few hundred!

Search Out YouTube Channels

If you find artistically inspirational YouTube channels, like the Park West Gallery one for example, you can scan through videos of great art and great artistic techniques. You’re specifically going to be looking for ways to save money on either purchasing art or making your own, and you won’t help but be inspired by some of the stories that people have to tell as well on these channels.

Learn To Do Custom Framing

When it comes to artwork, luxury is all about the frame. So, if you want the awesome frame without paying all of the awesome dollars, then you’ll have to do your own custom framing. It’s not as hard as it sounds, and the personal touches that you can add will not only make your artwork look high-end, it will also make it look exclusive.

Focus Your Lighting On Details

And sometimes luxury isn’t so much about owning luxury things, as it is about making sure that people focus on details. Consider what your living room would look like with one really detailed piece of furniture in it. And then you add dramatic lighting to highlight those details. The idea of luxury, in this case, is what shines. And you can save a ton of money on working with ideas rather than actual stuff.

Look For Sales On Art Supplies and Equipment

If you’re going the DIY route in order to save money, then your budget is going to be helped out if you look for sales on art supplies and equipment in your area. Finding artist’s kits will allow you to create your own masterpieces for a fraction of the cost of commercial purchases.

Go To Estate Sales

And a final way for the smart money manager to get that luxury boost is by going to estate sales. You can get amazing artwork and luxury items for pennies on the dollar, and prop up your standard of living in an extremely practical way.