Learning the Art of Repeatedly Beating the Odds

For many people it’s admittedly a matter of mere survival, but when the tables turn and the odds are in your favour, then possessing the skill of being able to repeatedly beat the odds will inevitably lead to wealth, at best. At worst it’ll make sure you keep surviving, even if survival means constantly being called upon to punch above your weight division.

It doesn’t rain forever though, so it is indeed good practice to keep slogging away when it is indeed a matter of survival, but you should always have a plan to contribute something to the constant learning terrace of learning how to beat the odds.

Always aim higher than the average standard

I will use the analogy of a professional sportsperson to drive this particular point home and it goes something like always putting in even if it’s just a little bit of extra work than what is indicatively expected of you. That way you get used to going the extra mile and going the extra mile becomes second nature to you, so much so that you will do it very easily when it matters most and benefit from a competitive advantage which many people won’t even know where to start looking if they want to know where it comes from.

So, unless of course it’s highly impractical and perhaps even counter-productive, always do a little bit more as a matter of principle and you’ll soon find that you consistently beat the odds at will and very easily.

Build a team of winners in all areas of your life

In the financial world this principle is perhaps made use of a bit too much for that matter, that being leverage. However, if you need an immigration lawyer to navigate some rather tricky regulations to fight your case for example, use your leverage and perhaps rope in the services of the likes of Josh Goldstein so that the odds are tilted in your favour.

When you do indeed have the power of leverage in your hands, make use of it. The last thing you want is to suffer a loss in a situation which could have had you basking in victory by mere virtue of being fully qualified to claim your victory through mere compliance. In this case you don’t want to leave things to the odds – odds which you only need to challenge when you really have to.

Be proactive in handling your affairs

Sticking with the immigration lawyer example, learning how to consistently beat the odds by being proactive would in this instance take the form of suggesting some areas which could make for some compelling considerations to help your case, which means you must look beyond the here and now. It is indeed those compelling circumstances and situations which often come through to help the seasoned odds-beater continue doing what they do best, which is beating the odds.

It is indeed somewhat of an art, learning the skill of being able to repeatedly beat the odds, but one which only takes regular practice to master.