Could You Make A Living Helping Others Win At Online Casino?

It might sound like a far-fetched idea at first. But, you could have the potential to make a living helping others win big at online casino games! As with many games, it takes a lot of skill and a good memory to bring any odds in your favour.

Believe it or not, there are many folks out there that want to learn “the secrets” of winning online casino. Of course, you and I both know there aren’t any secrets as such. As with most things in life, it’s just knowing how to do things the smart way.

All too often, new gamblers lose money because they seldom know what they are doing. If you’re experienced at playing casino games, you’ll no doubt have some winning strategies. Or, at least, ones that are less likely to make you lose a game.


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If you enjoy helping other people, you may wish to put the skills you taught yourself to good use. You might want to show other people how to improve their technique when it comes to online casino games. In today’s blog post, I’ll share with you some cracking ways to earn a living online by become a casino mentor. Here is what you need to do:

Find a reputable online casino

When you teach people about playing online casino games, you’ll need to direct them to a good site. In other words, it has to be a website that is both regulated and legitimate. The last thing you want is for your students to win money but not be able to withdraw it!

The good news is there are scores of bonafide sites you can suggest. Examples include Maria, William Hill, and Ladbrokes. It’s worth having a list of ones hosted in different countries. That’s because your students will live in areas that have different online gambling laws.

Find a good VPN

Advocates of online privacy may wish to suggest VPNs to their students. Doing so allows them to visit online casino sites in a safe and secure manner. When they connect to a VPN, their ISP won’t see what data gets transmitted because it’s all encrypted.


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Create a website

Next, you’ll need to have a website advertising your services. You should also include some videos demonstrating your work. That way, your future students can see what it’s like to get tutoring from you.

The advantage of having a website is you can advertise it in various places. Examples include social media, blogs, and email newsletters. Plus, you can set up a facility to accept payment from your students.

It’s easy to buy a domain and set up a website these days. Be sure to choose a layout that is easy to navigate and works on mobile devices. Believe it or not, you may find you’ll have to tutor students that only use smartphones or tablets!

Use a good video conferencing service

It’s important to use software that enriches the training experience. You should use a service that offers video calling and screen sharing. That way, you can see what your students are doing and walk them through the steps to success.


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Good luck!