Stagecoach Launches Engineering Management Programme

As the biggest of Britain’s bus operators, Stagecoach is further enhancing their engineering standards as part of a huge drive to provide even more reliable services to their customers.

Stagecoach is the only one of the UK’s major bus operators to put in place a new Engineering Management Programme and this programme is mandatory for all new and existing bus engineering managers across the UK. The ultimate outcome of the course is to lead to higher standards of maintenance and also assist in providing its customers with a service that’s even better than it currently is and more reliable than it already is.

For the bespoke programme to be completed, two modules over a period of two years need to be completed by engineering managers. This will afford them ample opportunity to apply all which they’ve learned to their working environments, between modules.

The training course has been approved as a Quality Assured Programme and it has also received official recognition by the Institute of the Motor Industry.

Stagecoach UK Bus Engineering Director Sam Greer said: “The introduction of this training course further demonstrates our commitment to improving services for our customers. Through this programme, we aim to further enhance our engineering standards in a way that is tailored to the specific requirements of our business. Vehicle maintenance and reliability are crucial to the successful delivery of our services to passengers and I believe this training will benefit both our staff and our customers.”

You can view the current bus prices on the Stagecoach website.