The Importance Of Product In Sales And Marketing

If you sell products then they are the most important thing in your business, aside from being friendly knowledgeable business people. Your products need to be able to sell themselves, but they need some backup in order to do that. You can’t just post a photo with a price and expect people to buy what you’re selling.

You can advertise the name of your business all you want, and show photos of your storefront, but if you aren’t working with product placement, online and off, you’re likely losing out on sales. Here are some ways to better market and sell your products online.


Photos are a big deal when it comes to promoting products online. They are the equivalent to product placement in a store. You want to have great photos that show the details of your products so that people can feel as though they are holding it in their hands.

While your product descriptions will help with this some, they still need to have a good visual of the product itself. You don’t have to invest in a professional camera or even have a bunch of fancy equipment, even a smartphone and the right lighting can get great photos of your products to use online.


Descriptions are just as important as the photos of your products. Descriptions will show people the things they can’t see in the photos, like how to use a product or the materials it is made out of. Descriptions need to put into words everything about the product.

Describe colors and textures. Describe the size of the product, and even what it does. The more descriptive you are the better people will understand your product, and the better their chances of determining to buy it.


Include reviews from past customers on your product pages. People like to know what others thought about their purchase. However, don’t limit it to just five-star reviews or you will find that people are skeptical about the reality of those reviews.

People like to read testimonials. Have a page for this. Let your customers submit a few sentences about how your products changed their lives.


Another great way to market and promote your products is to offer tutorials on the usage of them. You can share these on social media or on your blog. They can be in article form or they can be videos showing people how to use them.

Sometimes simply seeing how a new product is used is enough to sell it. If someone can’t put their hands on the product themselves, since it’s online, showing them someone else using it can let them feel like they’ve tried it out themselves.