What To Do When You Need Money Now

Everyone suffers from a need for fast cash at least some time in their life. Maybe your vehicle broke down while you were on vacation, maybe your water heater broke in your home, or maybe you had a medical emergency and can’t cover what insurance didn’t cover. Whatever the emergency, or need, you want money now and it’s not going to always be that easy to get.


Some people are lucky and have savings accounts that they can delve into during emergencies. However, if you tend to live paycheck to paycheck, like many people do, you may not have a savings account at all. Maybe you have a settlement you can draw from, or even a 401K. Here are some of the ways to get money, fast, when you need it.

Do You Have A Structured Settlement?

If you have a settlement of some kind from a court case that you siphon off of from time to time, now might be a good time to find out how to get that money in a lump sum. This is a great way to get a lot of money at one time, but not everyone has a settlement, whether it’s from an accident or a divorce, just like not everyone has a 401K they can dip into early.

Try Crowdfunding

Your success at crowdfunding the money you need can depend on a lot of factors. When it comes to crowdfunding it is mainly your own friends and family that are going to fund you, so if you have broke friends or people in your life that just don’t like to give money away you may not get what you need.

Make sure that your campaign is as detailed as possible so that people know what you’ll be using the money they give you for. Include photos and videos. Make sure to post updates on your campaign as you get the things taken care of that you needed the money for.

Apply For A Credit Card Or A Bank Loan

If you have decent or good credit it’s pretty likely you can easily get a short term loan from a bank so that you can deal with your emergency. Just make sure that you will have the money to pay it off in a timely fashion or the interest rates will have you spending more than you ever intended to.

Getting a credit card with a good amount of money on it can also be helpful. Once you’ve dealt with the emergency get the card paid off and then put it away so it can be there for future emergencies, saving you from going through all of this hassle of finding fast money again in the future.