What To Do With All that Money: A Wish List

So you’ve finally done it. You figured out how to make all kinds of money. And now, you even have time to think about how to spend it. What’s on your wishlist? What is it that you can do with that cash that gives you meaning and satisfaction?

Well, you have all kinds of options. You could go big on luxury transportation. You could invest in the stock market, assuming that you can use your money to make money. Maybe you want to buy a big house. Or, for the socially-oriented, you could consider becoming a philanthropist. Those are just a few examples of the ways that you can appreciate the money that you’ve earned over time.

Go Big On Luxury Transportation

Especially for newcomers to the land of the rich and famous, it’s not surprising if you want to go big on luxury transportation. In other words, you consider the pathways of buying a Lamborghini, or perhaps purchasing a yacht. Just understand that high-end items like that have high-end maintenance costs, so be sure that you can afford not only the individual thing but all of the expenses that go along with it.

Invest in the Stock Market

Another option to do with all of your money is to invest in the stock market. As long as you have a good portfolio that covers a range of different stocks, overall market trends always work their way upward eventually. So, if you have a ton of money and are willing to move through the slight risk of stock market ups and downs, you can pretty much bet that if you’re in it for the long run, having a lot of your extra cash or savings in the stock market will benefit you in the end.

Buy a Big House

Then there’s always the option to buy a big house. You may not need all of the space necessarily. But if you have always fantasized about owning a mansion, when you have the money to do it, there’s nothing necessarily stopping you. Just understand that the housing market is volatile, and that upkeep on a mansion is going to be pricey as well. 

Be a Philanthropist

And what’s wrong with becoming a philanthropist? If you have more money than you need, doesn’t it make sense to do the moral thing and spread it around to what you believe will be positive organizations? You can even start your own philanthropic company if you don’t find anything you like. It almost seems out of place these days for people with a lot of money not to do some progressive work that makes society around them better.