Howdy! I’m Tom, blogger here at plannerwealth.org. Here’s a bit about me and why I set up the site in the first place.

Who am I?

I’m Tom, a part time personal finance blogger, but I also work in the banking sector in the wealth management team for a high street bank. This means that day to day, I’m telling people how to invest their hard earned cash to ensure it pays off for them.

I’m married to Jeanette, who is a full time mum to our son Jay. Jeanette was a teacher, but in order to look after Jay she’s put her career on hold for a few years until he’s old enough to go to school.

What’s the site about?

Well, helping you save money! there’s nothing worse than paying more than you should have for something, or missing out on a good deal, so this site serves as a place to highlight good online deals, give advice on how to save money, prepare for a rainy day, how to make a budget and stick to it – that kind of thing really!

What’s my long term aim?

To be able to have money spare each month to do the things we want to do as a family – we’ve had some real bad financial advice in the past, and it’s cost us, so now my aim is to clear my credit card debt, reduce my mortgage and start living life and enjoying it where I can.

If I can help someone save a few quid on the way then I’ll be a happy guy!


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