3 Ways to Show Your Boss That You Deserve A Raise

With all the financial uncertainty that many families are suffering from in this world, any reason to make more money to bring home is a good reason. However, you can’t just tell your boss that you want a raise and be seen as worthy of a salary increase. To get a raise, you have to show your boss why you deserve a raise. So to help you figure out how to make more money each month and give a convincing reason why you should get a raise, here are three ways to show your boss that you deserve a raise.

Keep Track Of Your Successes

When you sit down with your boss to discuss a potential raise, you’re going to want to be able to speak about ways that you’ve helped your company become more successful. If you don’t have these things in mind already, you may feel put on the spot and can’t come up with adequate answers. For this reason, Salary.com recommends keeping track of the successes you have throughout your time at your company. Then, once you get to speak with your boss about getting a raise, you can bring up how you were successful at a certain campaign or got certified for a certain skill or brought on a new, important client.

Your Work Is Unique and Important

If you want to get a raise, you have to show to your boss that you’ve been consistently going above and beyond what your job is on paper. If you’ve only been doing the bare minimum and think that this means you should get a raise, you’re sorely mistaken. Unless you’re doing more and better than in previous months or years, you can’t really say that you deserve a raise. But, according to Liz Ryan, a contributor to Forbes.com, if you can show that the work you do is important to your company and that you do it better than anyone else, it now should become obvious to your boss that you’re worthy of getting a bigger salary.

You’ve Taken On New Responsibilities

One sure-fire way to justify your desire for a higher salary is if you’ve recently taken on new responsibilities at work. David Solomon shares in an article on LinkedIn that especially if you’ve successfully been taking on these responsibilities for a few months already, it’s very likely that your request for higher pay will be honored. So if you’re currently doing more than what you were hired to do and you haven’t had a pay increase yet, it may be time to set up a meeting and get your pay adjusted accordingly.

To help you feel confident when speaking about pay with your boss, consider the information presented above to help you justify getting a pay raise at work.