4 Business Opportunities Within the Plant Industry

For some individuals, life spent in an office setting can be completely unbearable. In all honesty, no one seems terribly fond of it, but it is especially abhorrent to those who need to be outside. While working outside usually means a blue-collar job, it can offer an incredibly fulfilling work environment for many people.

If you enjoy literally watching your garden grow, you may be wondering how to get involved in the plant industry. Keeping the world green is an exceedingly important task and can provide ample career opportunities. If you are looking to get involved in the plant industry and start your own business, consider a few of these business models.

Plant Nursery

Perhaps the most common industry in relation to plants is the plant nursery. A nursery works to supply plants to local customers, typically for small landscape jobs and backyard gardens. You must have the ability to work with the public as well as work independently watering and maintaining plants.

A huge part of a nursery workers job is in plant knowledge. Not only must you have a great understanding of most varieties of plants, you must also gain knowledge relevant to your region. While certain plants may survive a winter in your area, they may not thrive enough to offer spring blooms. Alternatively, another plant may grow but fail to produce berries. Having comprehensive knowledge can make you invaluable in the nursery field.


All of those plants at the nursery have to come from somewhere. If you dislike public interaction but still want to work maintaining and growing plants, a job as a grower may be your ideal. Many growers will specialize in a certain variety of plant, tree or shrub and supply it to many nurseries within their region. Be sure that you have a passion for growing a certain species and commit yourself to learning about the variety.

Landscape Design

For those with a background in art and a passion for plants, landscape design may be just the job you have been searching for! Landscape design combines the visual aesthetic of design with the outdoor exercise of arranging and putting in plants. Landscape designers are frequently hired for homes and small businesses.

Additionally, landscape designers may work to complete designs for temporary installments. For instance, landscape designers may utilize portable planting beds or potted trees to offer shade and green benefits for areas during weekend or temporary events. These small plantings can act as a small oasis from hot pavement or to beautify a less attractive area of the city.

Yard Maintenance

If you primarily just want to be outside, yard maintenance, or lawn care, may be just the position for you. You will spend time weeding, mowing and fertilizing private lawns and business spaces. This job is hard work and can get you in remarkable physical condition, but allows you sun exposure and great exercise.