Four Interesting Ways To Save Money On Food

It seems like the cost of everything is continually going up, and that everything includes food. Once upon a time it seemed like a bag of groceries only cost around $10, but now it costs about $20. Plus, if you have any kind of food allergies or intolerances you can raise that cost up even more.


You can seriously save some money on groceries if you’re a little creative and a lot motivated. From growing your own stuff and foraging for food in the wild, to clipping coupons and shopping in bulk, you no longer have to go broke to put food on the table. Here are some tips to help you save some money and still eat healthy.

Go Out And Get Your Own

Three great ways to eat healthier and more consciously, and save money at the grocery store, include foraging, fishing, and hunting. There is some money that goes into fishing and hunting, since you will need the proper licensing to do it legally, and the proper equipment. Investing in these things is good, and if you purchase quality hunting and fishing equipment it can last you years.

As far as foraging goes, it’s easy enough to pick wild raspberries and mulberries. However, when it comes to other berries, greens, and even mushrooms, you want to photo guides that can tell you what is edible and what might kill you if eaten. You can also use dandelions in many ways, from using the leaves in salad to frying up the flowers.

Start Gardening, Indoors And Out

Gardening isn’t just a fun hobby, it’s also a great way to save money on foods. Even if you have government assistance for your food purchases you can use that toward the purchase of seeds. There are many ways to garden, so you don’t even have to have a plot of land to do it since you can container garden or garden inside.

You will need some supplies and seeds, but this is a small investment for the money you will save. Grow a small herb garden indoors and you will be amazed at the savings (since buying herbs and spices can really add up on the grocery bill). Gardening takes time, and can only save you money during harvesting and growing times of the year, unless you have an indoor space to turn into a greenhouse, and money for the proper lighting to fake sunlight.

Couponing Can Help

When more grocery store did double coupons you could save a lot more, but since the couponing craze, some have stopped. However, you can still save money with coupons. You do want to make sure you are only buying items you will actually use, though, or your saving are kind of negated.

Don’t just clip coupons. Get a store saving card, if your grocery has them. You can load coupons right onto these, and some stores also only give you their sales discounts if you are a “member.”

Shop In Bulk

Some grocery and big box stores that sell groceries have regular bulk food sales. Even small grocery stores that do their own meat packaging will have sales on bulk meat (like a 10 lb. box of bacon for $1.99 a lb.). Sales like this can be a great way to save a good deal on groceries, and allow you to stock your freezers and pantry for months to come.

You may also want to get a membership at a place that strictly sells in bulk. It’s just one more way to save money. Plus, you will quickly earn back your yearly membership fee.