How To Find Clients For Housecleaning Business

Starting your own house cleaning business is something that is a great way to set your own hours and have the flexibility of not having to answer to a boss. When you first start you won’t have to worry about hiring any employees since you can do the work alone.  

A housecleaning business can be an extremely profitable line of work to get into once you have a lot of clients.  Some house cleaners charge as much as $40 an hour depending on what it is that you offer and what kind of clients you are seeking out. Try to follow these tips for finding clients and getting your business off of the ground.

Post an Ad Online

Posting an ad online is the best way to make sure that your business Make sure that you link to your business’s main website.  Your website should have complete information such as your contact information, the possibility to book appointments on your website and get price quotes.

Having everything laid out for your clients to see leaves no room for question and you are representing yourself professionally and thoroughly.

Create a Social Media Account

In addition to having ads online which link to your website, you should have social media accounts.  Facebook is a great place to be seen and get a following going.  Once you have a certain amount of followers then your presence will only continue to grow and grow.

Instagram is also a great place to create an account.  Lots of businesses have accounts on Instagram since there are hundreds of millions of users per day.  This kind of visibility is extremely useful for people who need to find clients.

Don’t forget to use hashtags as well which can multiply your visibility by thousands a day. Using hashtags is one of the best ways to make sure that people looking specifically for your niche find you.

Leave Business Cards in Apartment Lobbies

While the internet is a great place to increase your visibility and find clients, traditional marketing styles are still very useful.  Leaving your business card around is a smart way to make sure that clients find you.

If you find a job in an apartment complex. Try leaving your cards on a table or pinned on a bulletin board.  

Offer a Referral Program to Current Clients

Try offering a referral deal to clients you currently have.  Ideas can be one hour of free cleaning for one new client that they bring you, or perhaps a specialty service like cleaning the blinds.

This kind of offer encourages your clients to spread the word and will increase your chances of people spreading the word about your business.