Living in New York? Here Are 3 Job Fields That Are Growing By the Day

New York is known to be the greatest city in the world. If you ever have a desire to do anything, to be anything, to see anything, to eat anything, or to meet anybody from any nationality in the world, New York City is the place to go. It is the melting pot of the world and a primary leader in business and commerce. There’s only one problem with New York. It’s expensive. So expensive.


If you have a dream of living in the city of dreams, you’re going to have to work extra hours to make sure that you can make that happen without starving. It might mean you start off with 5 roommates in a neighborhood far away from Manhattan. It may not be ideal, but like anything else in this world, you’ve got to earn your place and work your way up.

If New York is the only place to be in your mind and you know you’re going to have to find a job pronto, you’re in luck because the job market is actually growing in places other than Wall Street. Here are 3 job fields that are growing by the day that you should look into.

Hospitality and Leisure

Seeing as New York is a tourist capital, it makes sense that there would be a need for people to work in the hospitality and leisure department. Now this category is rather broad. Hospitality and leisure has anything to do with arts, entertainment, recreation, food service, and accommodations. Anything you can think of that fits within those categories is hospitality and leisure. That means that if you like the hotel industry, you’re in luck. If you love Broadway and want to do something pertaining to the arts, the market is growing.

With these jobs, you’re likely to make about $14 an hour, but the pay will vary according to the position and place through which you’re employed. The good news is that there are jobs available.


Although New York has public transit systems in place, people are always looking for better, faster, and more efficient ways to travel. Once again, since New York is so heavily populated and there are so many tourists, the demand for transportation is high. Maybe you work within the Metro station, and maybe you start your own cab business or become an Uber driver. In any case, if you’re looking for a job, or you’re looking to start your own side business or business, look into transportation. Get creative and know your city.

Education and Health

If hospitality and transportation aren’t your thing, you can always look into the education and health departments. Whether you teach English to foreigners making new lives in the city or you help homeless people living with aids, the market is there and it’s growing. New York City has gone through it’s cycles of success and recession like anywhere else, but the good news is today jobs are growing and that’s all you need to live your dream in the city that never sleeps.