Saving Money By Staying Out of Trouble

There are lots of different ways to save money. And the more ways that you can try to do it, the more likely it is that you’ll succeed. Even if you do a little bit in every category that you can, you’ll find that your savings over time can be significant. One of the ways that people often don’t think of that can ease some of their financial burdens is by staying out of trouble!

A few of the kinds of trouble that can cost you money include criminal trouble, credit card trouble, employment trouble, and relationship trouble. If you fall into disrepair in any of those categories, you can lose a lot of money fast, and there can be permanent consequences besides that.

Criminal Trouble

When it comes to criminal trouble, the financial losses that you will suffer are immediate, apparent, and predictable. When you go through a criminal procedure, you have to pay for lawyers. You lose money in hours lost at your job. Fees will stack up for all sorts of additional payments surrounding your court date, bail arrangements, and other details of the crime that you committed. Even just being accused of a crime if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time can be very expensive. Your best bet is to stay away from any situation where you’re going to have to go to court or hire a lawyer.

Credit Card Trouble

Another kind of trouble that can get you into a financial black hole very quickly is credit card trouble. If you don’t follow good advice for using your credit card, you can quickly get thousands of dollars in debt, and it may take you years to even chip away at the initial amount of money that you owe. If you’re not ready to use a credit card right out of high school, then you should avoid them, because the consequences of early irresponsible spending can last a lifetime.

Employment Trouble

Employment trouble will also cost you money. If it’s time for you to get another job, you should respectfully put in your two weeks notice, and do the very best you can all the way through the last hour of your final day. Previous employers are references for your next jobs, and if you leave with a black eye on your record because of poor behavior or poor performance, that’s going to show up and hurt your opportunities for further good employment.

Relationship Trouble

And finally, there is relationship trouble. If you’re married, and you get in the situation where you’re fighting with your spouse, divorce is very expensive! If you want to save money, don’t get into relationships that are volatile and can suck your savings out of your bank account. Sign prenuptial agreements if it makes sense, even if you can never even imagine leaving your partner or your partner leaving you.