Tips For Not Giving Into Impulse Buying

When things catch your eye it can be difficult not to want to immediately have it in your possession.  In this modern age, immediate gratification is expected and many people can’t stand the idea of having to wait for something.  

Buying things can be something that we become programmed to do without thinking first.  It is easy to become addicted to the thrill of fulfilling a void within ourselves by buying something on a whim.  Unfortunately, impulse buying leads to negative results and can make us feel ultimately emptier than before and have negative results on our bank accounts. Here are some of the best ways to curb your impulse buying.

Practice Self-Control In All Areas Of Your Life

One of the best ways to practice self-control in one area of your life is to practice self-control in multiple areas of your life.  Try creating little tests for yourself throughout the day such as waking up earlier, not eating that extra portion, or seeing if you can go more than an hour without checking your phone.

Self-control is the same as a muscle. The more you exercise it and strengthen it the stronger it will become.  When you know how to say no to one thing it will become even easier to turn down further temptations.

Steer Away From Your Triggers

Try to remain distanced from situations which make you want to give into buying.  This means not going into your favorite stores or spending time on websites which tempt you.  When you remove the temptation altogether you are eliminating the risk of giving into it.

If you feel like risks are everywhere then try to practice breathing techniques to calm your mind and try to remind yourself of why you want to make this change in your life.  Sometimes when we remind ourselves why we want to improve and how not improving is having a negative effect on our life, we can successfully move forward.

Create a Budget

Creating a budget is a way to create specific guidelines for yourself in order to stay within the limits you wish to achieve.  If you look at your budget and see that you only have $300 to spend total and you are already down to $50, you are much less likely to go make a $150 purchase.

When the numbers are in front of your face, you no longer have the option of blinding them out.

Ask Your Friends To Support You

Since a buying addiction is no different from any other kind of addiction it is crucial to remember that you will need support from your friends who can talk you through hard moments where you feel like you might give into your addiction.